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Howard Hawks

January 28, 2009

I’m late to the party–as usual–but there’s just been a fun blog-a-thon among film bloggers on the early work of director Howard Hawks.  The participating movie bloggers spent two weeks watching and reviewing films from 1926 to 1936.  The interlinking posts will reward browsing.  Here’s a sample comment on a later Hawks film–one of my favorites (by Hawks or anyone else), Only Angels Have Wings:

Only Angels Have Wings is one of Howard Hawks’ finest films, a tribute to a tight-knit community of men living under the constant specter of death, and a woman who tries to forge herself into the kind of person who could love one of these death-courting daredevils…  The film has a quiet, melancholy tone despite its occasional bursts of wisecracking Hawksian dialogue, and the fiery plane crashes that punctuate the film give it an uneasy, unstable quality, as though anyone could be snuffed out suddenly at any moment. It’s a haunting masterpiece, a fog-shrouded romance — not just between a man and a woman, but between a man and his work, and perhaps most importantly, a grim romance between man and death. [more]

It’s a terrific film that I hope will never be ruined by a remake.  To rediscover other gems of early Howard Hawks, explore the blog-a-thon.

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