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Ideas, Arts, and Culture in Interesting Times
[DRAFT–Under Indefinite Embargo–Not for Attribution]

The Occasional is an eclectic review of culture and current affairs.

It is the reincarnation of a magazine published online from 1999-2002.  In its present more bloggish form, The Occasional follows the personal interests and curiosities of your host and proprietor, Andrew Hazlett.

In my 15 years since college, I’ve worked in and around the overlapping worlds of think tanks, book publishing, journalism, and government cultural policy.  Over that time, I’ve learned very little about a great many things.

Now, I’d like to pull together some of these scattered, tangled strings of knowledge, to learn more, to ask questions, and to offer some of my own thoughts.  This project is a form of thinking aloud… a place for working out ideas, debating, reconsidering, revising… the audience, tone, and scope of this project is still unsettled.  After all, to excel in a field, it is very helpful to do it badly in public first.  Be forewarned that The Occasional is my attempt to do just that.

In time, I want to invite others to participate in this project.  I’ll also experiment with podcasts and other shiny new things.  The decline of print culture is extremely depressing, but the new media have some promise as (partial) successors to newspapers and such.  Hopefully, some valuable things associated with old-fashioned ink-and-paper and celluloid will persist our furiously pixilated future.

The Occasional will be panning for gold in this fast-flowing river.  We’ll filter for artifacts of new or old media that contain amusement or insight.  We’ll also offer original writing.

Anything expressed here reflects nothing but the personal views of the author.  Any opinion or fact that appears on this website does not reflect in any way on any other person, institution, or entity.

If so moved, please let me know what you think…

Best Wishes,
Andrew Hazlett

Andrew.hazlett [at] gmail [dot] com

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